SXSW Videos

With the SXSW Festival here for 2012 one good way to appreciate the event (s) would be to capture it on video.  You can go to your panels in the daytime, record the discussions with your phone, then upload to Cut My Flix for us to edit and preserve in a DVD/blu-ray.  We will make a web ready file complete with titles, graphics and edit out the unwanted portions.  You can upload that file to social websites to share with others.  At night, when you are going from club to club, viewing memorable and forgettable bands, Cut My Flix can take your footage that you shoot, and put it into a cohesive movie to review at a later more sobering moment.  You will appreciate the time spent walking from club to club when you actually see the video of that special band or performance.

You could easily miss something with all the activity at SXSW.  Or worse, you could go to these shows, panels or premiers, film the event and accidentally corrupt the footage.  The faster you process the video, the less chance of losing it forever.


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