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Cisco closes the lens on Flip cameras.  How does that effect you and why did it happen?  Along with the camera division, the FlipShare internet uploading deal closed and they will cut about 550 jobs as it reorganizes its consumer businesses..  In a move that stunned the video community, Cisco purchased Flip from Pure Digital, the company that originally made the Flip, for $590 million in 2009. While the Flip line has admirers, including Cut My Flix, the widespread availability of video-capable mobile phones undermined demand for the kind of simple stand-alone video cameras offered in the Flip business.  Even though the quality of this little, mighty, camera far surpasses any smartphone. The company said it will “support current FlipShare customers and partners with a transition plan.”  FlipShare was a service designed to make it easy to share videos created on Flip videocams.

Flip’s devices were hampered because while they were the same size as a smartphone, they could not offer a number of features that smartphones or high-end “feature phones” could, such as uploads to online sites; but they didn’t offer other features either such as Wi-Fi connectivity – though this was often hinted at by executives – or microphone sockets, which could have made them useful for some professionals. At the same time high-end professional cameras have begun to offer high-definition filming, leaving the Flip models without a viable market.

Cut My Flix will be a great solution to the drama caused by this business decision.  We are ready, willing and able to edit these videos and transform them into Blu-Rays, DVD’s and web movies.

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